My Top 10 Baby Must Haves

After two babies there were a lot of products I was gifted that I did not use, and there were a few products that after the first baby I knew I needed then for the next baby. Knowing what I know now these are my top 10 baby must haves that I think every mama will enjoy!

These are just a few of the products that were a must for me and my babies.

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1. DockAtot

The dockAtot was a must in my book. It is a safe place to lay baby down and not have to worry about them accidently rolling and falling. I also loved it because my babies felt more secure and cuddled while laying in it. We have both sizes. When my youngest was a newborn, we used the smaller size (deluxe +) for him, and my oldest used the bigger size (grand). Now that my daughter is older my son in now using the bigger size. It is also nice for when we travel, it is something familiar and they always sleep better.

Dock a tot

2. Cloth Baby Wrap

ly being 18 months old, she still needed a lot of my attention. Being able to wrap the baby in a comfortable cloth wrap was the easiest and most comfortable way to hold him and still tend to my toddler. The buckle carriers are great, but for the infant stage I prefer a cloth wrap.

Cloth baby wrap

3. Receiving Blankets

Truthfully, I don’t know what the true purpose of a receiving blanket is, but I was gifted a lot at my baby showers. I used them as burp rags. Regular burp rags, in my opinion, are just too small. If the baby spit up once on a regular burp rag you needed another one and would go through a few in one or two feedings. Receiving blankets are so much bigger and more absorbent.

receiving blankets

4. Rocking Chair

This seems like an obvious need, but I truly wouldn’t not be able to survive without my rocking chair. My kids are two and half and one and we still use it every day. From the time they were newborns and I nursed them in that chair, to consoling them at night, reading books, or just singing and rocking before bed or nap. I live in that chair and love it so much.

rocking chair

5. Butt Spatula

Everyone hates when their baby has diaper rash, but no one really wants to wipe the cream on with their fingers (especially dad). It gets in and under your nails and if it is the white cream it is not easy to wash off. The butt spatula was a life saver. It suction cups to the wipe container, you can add a dollop of cream and then easily spread it on the baby’s butt.

baby bum brush

6. Jumper

The Baby Einstein jumper is adorable and so much fun. My kids loved it. I was able to put them in it while I cooked dinner, did laundry, or we even took it outside while we worked in the yard. My son especially would bounce like crazy in it, and my daughter loved the music on the little piano.


7. Breast friend Pillow

With my first baby I used a regular boppy Pillow, and while it was great it wasn’t my favorite. I found myself still struggling to get comfortable while nursing. With my second I saw a few people rave about the breast friend pillow and decided I wanted to try it. Honestly, it was a HUGE back saver. It is so thick that when you lay baby on it you don’t even need to also prop them with another pillow or your arm.

Breast friend pillow

8. Jogging Stroller

We have the Chicco Activ3 and it is my favorite stroller of all the strollers we have. Because of the big wheels the ride is so smooth even on gravel. My kids also seem to favor it because it is the only stroller, they will fall asleep in.

Jogging stroller

9. Folding Highchair

We are always on the go and outdoors a lot, so this folding highchair comes in handy! My one year old still uses it! It is so convenient with how it folds up and has a carrying bag. The tray also has a plastic covering so clean up is super easy!

High Chair

10. Baby Mesh Tub

The typical baby tub was just the easiest for us. When they are so little you can have them in the sling and have the entire tub on the kitchen counter and it saves you from leaning over the tub and breaking your back. It was also nice to have as they got older. They could then sit in the little seat and play in the water even if they couldn’t fully sit up on their own.

Baby bath

Now that you know my top 10 baby must haves check out what my diaper bag essentials are! What are your top baby must haves? Let me know in the comments!

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