Toddler Routine

Now that I have two toddlers *deep breathe* yup I can’t believe it either, I have two toddlers. It is always best to stick to a routine with them. A toddler routine is beneficial for both in different ways.

Let’s be honest, when Rebecca was first born I had no idea about routines and why I needed one. I literally woke up that morning and went with what was thrown at me. Which was fine when she was little and then as she got older, she kind of put herself on her on schedule and a routine just fell into place.

It wasn’t until Jackson was born, I had an 18-month-old toddler and a newborn that I really needed to figure out a routine. So that is where our routine started, and has since changed now that they are both a little older.

For Jackson, my almost 15-month-old he thrives on a toddler routine because his internal clock knows when it is nap time every day at the same time. For Rebecca, my 2 and half year old, having nap time at the same time everyday helps her know that it is coming, she knows after lunch we watch a little TV to wind down and then we take a nap. She is starting to get to the age where she wants to refuse naps. But sticking to the routine of nap time she knows it is coming, and I get less push back from it.

There are many other benefits to sticking to a routine. If the kiddo is cranky you can almost always guess by the clock if they are hungry or tired. And if food or a nap doesn’t help then unfortunately it is just because they are a toddler.

7 am-8:30 am | Wake up

Rebecca is my early bird; she is awake by 6:30 am almost every day. Thankfully, she is like her mommy and lays in bed for a little before she is ready to get up, that gives me time to get up and do my thing. I then go in her room and we sit and talk, and then she typically stops mid-sentence and says, “uh oh mommy, potty!” Off to the bathroom we go for potty and teeth. We then head to the kitchen and I get her a cup of milk while I get her breakfast ready.

The nice thing about the kids waking up at different times is our mornings start out a little slow. After breakfast, she likes to put together a puzzle or two. We don’t normally do puzzles when brother is awake because he just runs off with the pieces.

8:30 am | Jackson wakes up.

We will take him his cup of milk and change his diaper. Then we all go out to the kitchen and it’s time for Jackson to eat breakfast and for Rebecca to eat her second breakfast.

9:00 am | Independent Play

I will put on a movie for them in the playroom and this is when I am able to get some stuff done. Laundry, shower, clean the kitchen or bathroom. Now that Jackson is a bit older, they play together so nicely. With the little people toys or climbing all over the nugget (if you don’t have a nugget you need one)

11:00 am | Outside play time and Lunch.

After the movie, we head outside with some lunch and sit and eat at our picnic table and play on our play set. If I have to run errands or anything this would also be the time, I will leave the house and go out with the kids.

1 pm | The glorious Naptime!

They both go down for a nap at 1. Sometimes Jackson will go down a little bit earlier, but he typically doesn’t like to miss out on what “sissy” is doing. Rebecca has recently been good about going down for naps and if she isn’t tired right away, she plays in her room for a little and then goes to sleep when she is ready. But with summertime and sunshine she has been very good with napping.

1 pm- 3 pm | Mommy time!

These kids love their sleep. They are good nappers and always have been. Most of my work gets done during nap. I also like to go out and fill up their pool for after nap. That way it sits in the sun and warms up a bit for them.

3 pm | Snack time and outside play.

After they both wake up, we get dressed in our swimsuits and head back outside to play. They are water bugs, both very much enjoy playing in the pool, or the water table.

toddler routine- outside playing
toddler routine - outside playing

5pm | Dinner time.

With it being summer we have been grilling out a lot, so we are still outside at this point, but daddy is outside cooking and they will stop to eat. As soon as the kids are done eating though it’s back to running around until bath time.

6:30 pm | Nighttime Routine

This is when we typically start our nighttime routine. I know it sounds really early but with two kids it sometimes takes longer. Plus, this is also when we spend our time with daddy after work playing in the playroom and reading books. You can read more about our toddler nighttime routine here.

7:30 pm | Good Night

By now we have bathed, got on pj’s, cleaned up the kid’s rooms, and read books. And after many kisses they are off to sleep and mom and dad are off to the couch to relax! You can also check out my mommy nighttime routine here.

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