Toddler Meal Ideas

Here are some simple and easy toddler meal ideas because my toddlers have been so picky with eating lately, so I decided I would try and make breakfast and lunch a little more fun this week! They both eat the very typical toddler meals, you know the ones I am talking about!

Breakfast and lunch I don’t mind making for them but I really don’t like having to make a separate dinner for them every night. Our new rule is they (mainly my oldest) has to sit with us at the table even though she does not want to eat what I cooked. If she is hungry before bedtime I will make her a piece of peanut butter toast as a snack. That is why you will only find breakfast and lunch ideas here.

Happy Eating!

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Breakfast Ideas

Eggs Cups

My kids love scrambled eggs, but honestly I hate making them every morning. So, I decided to make some eggs in a small muffin tin! I scrambled some eggs and milk and poured it into a mini muffin tin and then topped it with cheese! The remaining eggs can easily be stored in a glass container and we now have breakfast or even a snack for the next day or two.

Scrambled eggs and cheese made in a muffin tin.

Mini Blueberry Muffins

All you need for this one is a store bought box of blueberry muffin mix and again made then in a small muffin pan. So they are little and hand held size. These did not make it two full days. My kids ate them for breakfast and snacked on them, my husband and I ate them and my mom and brother might have snagged them as well. But they were perfect for a quick on the go breakfast!

Mini blueberry muffins.


Waffles are a staple in this house. We normally just eat them plain or with syrup, but I decided to spread peanut butter on them this time and top it was slices of banana. Why did I not think of this before!? The kids scarfed them down and then asked for more!

Waffle with peanut butter and banana slices

Yogurt Parfait

My daughter could and would eat yogurt every day for every meal if you let her. She could also eat fruit all day everyday if you let her. So this time I cut up the fruit, laid it on top of the yogurt and sprinkled some granola we had in the pantry on top. I may have also added some chocolate chips as well!

Yogurt parfait with fruit, granola, and chocolate chips

Mini Pancakes

I saw a bunch of people making these tiny little pancakes and I thought it looked fun! I put the regular pancake batter in a squeeze bottle and just squeezed a little out at a time! My youngest loved them because they were practically bite size. And it was less of a mess for me… so how there were barely any crumbs with these!

bite size mini pancakes

Bagel with Cream Cheese

Rebecca, apparently, loves bagels! I think she liked the cream cheese more but either way she ate them! I gave her the mini bagels, not the regular size bagels.

Mini bagel with cream cheese spread

Lunch Ideas

Grilled Cheese

I just got this new sandwich cutter in the mail and had to test it out! It is AMAZING! It cuts and seals the sandwich, so no more buying Uncrustables! I used it to cut and seal the cheese and bread for grilled cheese for lunch, and the kids loved it! NO longer have to cut the burnt crusts off and its so much easier for them to hold. The sandwich cutter comes in three sizes, for this one we used the triangles.

Grilled cheese with sandwich cutter

Cream Cheese Sandwich

Strawberries and cream cheese on bread? Yup! And if you haven’t tried it yet you need to! My son ate this sandwich like someone was going to steal it!

strawberry and cream cheese spread snadwich

Hot Dog Wraps

These were super quick to make and actually a big hit! My kids love hot dogs but I normally just cut them up. Rebecca has tried eating them with a bun before, but the bread is too much and it ends up just slipping out the back. This was fun for her to be able to pick up and dip!

hot dog wrapped in a crescent roll


Talk about a staple when it comes to toddler meal ideas! But doesn’t this look exactly like an uncrustable!? I used the same sandwich cutter as the grilled cheese. My husband actually made this sandwich and when he sealed it his reaction was hilarious, “WOW this thing is really cool!”

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crust cut off

Cheesey Roll-up

My Aunt would make these for my cousin and I loved them as well! It is literally just shredded cheese melted in a tortilla and then rolled up. Dip this in sour cream and its delicious and easy! Jackson ate the entire thing which surprised me!

cheese and tortilla roll up

Broccoli Mac-n-Cheese

Anyone else have kids that are kind of skeptical when it comes to eating vegetables? I chopped off the tops of the broccoli and mixed it in the homemade mac n cheese I make for the kids… they didn’t even notice! Mom Win!

mac and cheese with broccoli mixed in

Did you try these toddler meal ideas!? If you did tag me on Instagram and let me know! Also now that the kids are fed how about some fun toddler activities to get them to burn that energy and then be ready for nap time!

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