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As a licensed esthetician I am all about my skin care routine. I need it to be simple and I need it to work.

There are two things you need to know when it comes to your skin care routine.

❁Your routine does not need to be complicated with a lot of products. Less is More.

❁You can find good products in the drugstore, not all high-end expensive products are “good”.

The first thing about your skin care routine is knowing your skin. When I was in high school I used to hate the fact that by the end of the day I looked like a grease ball and my makeup would wear off on certain parts of my face where I was so oily. Because of that I would wash my face and then not put on any moisturizer. Knowing what I know now, all the excess oil my skin was producing was really a cry for help. My skin started to produce more oil to make up for the lack of hydration it was not getting.

Don’t be afraid to use moisturizing products and even oils if you already have oily skin. Think about it this way- your skin won’t have to produce as much oil if you are giving it the oil it needs.

I use 3-4 products every day and night. Like I said keep it simple!

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Cleanser is so important. You need to wash away everything that your skin encounters during the day, and then again in the morning for a refresher. I use CeraVe hydrating cleanser. It’s light and gentle and even removes makeup. You can feel how soft it leaves your skin when you are rinsing it off.


Don’t be afraid to try an oil. There are so many out there on the market that do different things. I recently fell in love with my face oil. It is the hydration my skin needed. My current favorite is this Dirty Lamb Day Serum. I received this in my BoxyMomma box and have used it day and night since I got it.


Always moisturize. Even if you have oily skin. think of moisturizer as a barrier between your skin and the pollutants in the air. I have been loving this Garnier SkinActive moisturizer. You can apply a thin layer in the morning or if you need some extra moisture at night you can apply a little more. In the morning you will wake up and your skin will be so soft!

Eye Cream

Normally I would not apply eye cream. It just has never been my thing. But as a mama with two toddlers the designer bags under my eyes have become very visible. The Tula under eye stick is amazing. I love the cooling and tingling feeling it has, it makes your eyes wake up.

Adding a simple skin care routine into your everyday routine is important. Not only will it keep your skin looking amazing but it will make you feel good taking time for yourself.

Don;t forget to take care of yourself mama.

Feel Free to ask me any questions you may have about your skin care routine! I would love to help out!

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    1. Yes! I fall asleep on the couch most nights and then dread having to get ready for bed, so keeping it simple is definitely key!

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