Reusable items in my home

Have you honestly looked in your cabinets or closets and noticed all the “disposable” items? Now by no means am I 100% living green in any way but I have made a few changes and I will not be going back. This is just a small list of the reusable items in my home.

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Zip Top Containers

These containers are life savers. They are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe They are food grade 100% platinum silicone; so, they will not leak harmful chemicals. We were sent the kids snack pouches and they are super convenient for car rides. They fit so snug in the cup holders and the kids can simply reach in and grab a few goldfish. The bigger sizes are great for leftovers, even liquids like soup!

Glass Leftover Containers

Simply switching from plastic Tupperware to glass airtight containers has been a huge change. Every time you microwave your plastic containers, they are putting harsh chemicals into the food that you are then ingesting. Do you have those containers that are stained orange from spaghetti sauce? That is because plastic is super porous. Glass containers have kept my food fresh so much longer than when we used plastic.

Reusable Paper Towels

I recently found these Swedish dish cloths that are reusable for the kitchen. I use them to wipe the counters, the kids, the dishes, everything! And the best part is that when they start to get gross you can lay them on the top rack of your dishwasher and wash them! All you have to do then is lay them flat to dry and they are good to be reused!


This is a given. I have a huge pack of reusable metal straws that I use on the daily. Also I love how Starbucks now offers the sip lids, where you don’t need the straw!

Water Bottles/ Tumblers

I no longer use plastic water bottles; we don’t buy them anymore. I have had my recycling bin filled with just water bottles before and it was awful. We used to buy them for the purified water when my kids had formula as a baby but seeing how fast they fill up the recycling bin was scary.

Dryer Balls

For years I bought dryer sheets all the time to use in the dryer. Because they made my clothes smell good and they would get rid of the static. Then one Christmas my mom bought me dryer balls. GAME CHANGER. Seriously you just throw one or two of these balls in and your launder comes out static free and so soft. If you are an oils person you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the ball to make your clothes small nice!

Glass Spray Bottles

How often do you go through everyday cleaner and then you are throwing away the plastic bottle to buy another one? I bought myself two glass spray bottles to refill. I do purchase the concentrate that does come in a plastic bottle but that’s only one or two bottles that last a long time.

Microfiber Cloths

I bought these reusable microfiber cloths for cleaning and they are the best, I have a few in the bathroom and a few in the kitchen. But again, after they get gross you just throw them all in the laundry on the sanitize cycle and they are like new! I used to go through a disgusting amount of paper towels before all these reusable items came into my life.

Grocery Bags

I hate coming home from the store and having all the plastic grocery bags laying around. Yes, we do find other ways to use them. Like Packing up dog food for the weekend away, dog poop, wet clothes, things like that. But I don’t reuse them enough to continue to bring them home. So, the last time I was at Marshalls or TJMaxx I grabbed a few of their reusable bags, these bags are 99 cents and huge! They come in handy when we are packing up for the camper or going to a family get together.

Breast-milk Pads/ Makeup Remover Cloths

Ok this one may seem a little weird but mama’s if you purchased reusable breast milk pads what did you do with them after you were done breastfeeding? I had bought so many because I liked them so much more that the disposable ones, but that is another topic! After I was done breastfeeding and no longer using the pads, I didn’t want to just throw them out. So, I washed them really well and started using them to remove my makeup. Just spray some of the mi-cellar water onto the pad and wipe off the makeup. No need for makeup wipes or cotton rounds, these are so much softer on your skin and you can wash them and re use them! And if you don’t have the pads just get a reusable makeup cloth!

Menstrual Cup

This is also a weird topic and some people are not into menstrual cups at all, and that is fine I am just here to tell you that I use one. And with using one I have saved so much time and money! No need to buy tampons every month and pay the “pink tax” I can wear this for 12 hours a day. Change it first thing in the morning and right before bed. Periods are no longer a hassle. I will keep that short and sweet, if you have any other questions about menstrual cups, I will gladly do a whole post on it if you would like!

Again, these are just a few of the reusable items in my home that I have changed to save our house some money and help the planet a little more!

What is one thing you can change out today!?

8 thoughts on “Reusable items in my home”

  1. I don’t know if I will ever go 100% green because the reusable stuff requires washings and I don’t have my own w/d in my current apartment. I already spend so much to send out my clothing to be washed and folded, I can’t imagine paying to have reusable paper towels washed and folded, too! That’s something I might change in the future. I have changed my utensils to a bamboo set that contains a reusable bamboo straw, which I love! I also have switched to glass containers for food storage that I also love! I plan to get the reusable replacement for plastic wrap that I’ve seen ads for on Instagram one day, soon. It will be my next green replacement. Good post!

  2. I can’t help but share a little trick that I’d learned for getting stuck jar lids to budge. While you’re trying to open a jar, think about something else, like if the counters need to be cleaned or that little squirrel outside the kitchen window… and *pop* the lid just comes off. It works darn near every time, I wish I knew why.

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