My First Birth Experience

Being that my daughter just turned three and we went and looked through all the pictures I have of her I thought it would be nice to have her birth story written down. That way I can come back to it and read it, for my own purposes. If you also want to read up on my postpartum anxiety experience will be linked here.

My First Birth Experience

Of course, with the first baby it is always the scariest because you have no idea what to expect.

It had been an easy pregnancy. Only things my doctors kept an eye on in the later weeks was my blood pressure, my gestational diabetes, and I had excess fluid around the baby.

On a Wednesday morning I went into my 39-week doctor appointment, I was due that Sunday. I was 3 cm dilated and had been for a few weeks now. So, my doctor suggested doing a membrane sweep. A membrane sweep is when the doctor separates the sac of waters from your uterine wall, it is done to try and trick the body into thinking it is time to go into labor. After this short, easy, procedure my doctor told me if it were to work, I would probably have the baby by the weekend, if not I had another appointment on Monday to discuss other options.

I went home that afternoon and started with some cramping, noticeably light and sporadic cramps. So, I went for a walk, I did a lot of laundry, went up and down the stairs a lot, and bounced on an exercise ball. That night after dinner the cramps picked up and started to get more intense however, the timing was still very sporadic. By about 11 P.M the cramps turned more into real contractions that I could easily time and were starting to be closer and more predictable with time.

Early Labor

I tried to follow the 5, 1, 1, rule of contractions being 5 minutes apart lasting 1 minute and having that for 1 hour. But with it being my first baby, I felt pain and was worried I was not going to make it to the hospital. Because, of course, that is how all movies play out births and that was just what I had in mind of what it was going to be like. I called my doctor a little after midnight and woke up my husband and off to the hospital we went.

When we got to the hospital, they hooked me up to all the monitors and checked how dilated I was. I was still only at 3 cm so they said they would wait an hour and then check again. The monitor was showing that I was having contractions, but I was not dilating more than what I was at the doctor’s office that morning. After an hour they said I only progressed about a half centimeter, we had to wait another hour for them to check again. The hospital told me they could not keep me unless I was 5 cm. After two more hours it was a little after 3 A.M and I had not progressed past 4 cm. They said I was in labor, but it was just the early stages.

When we got home, I slept as best as I could that night. In the morning, the contractions continued to get stronger, but I was so afraid to go in to just be sent home again. My husband stayed home from work that day and we walked around the neighborhood, and I continued to do the steps and bounce on the ball. Around lunch time I went to the bathroom and something green, brown, and gooey (sorry) came out of me. So again, I called my doctor and explained to her what it was and that my contractions were still going, and they felt stronger. She told me to meet her back at the hospital.


Again, we packed up the car and off to the hospital. They checked my cervix to see how far I was, still 4 cm. They also checked to see if my water had broke due to the substance I explained to the doctor over the phone. Nope. Still intact.

Now it was 3 P.M on Thursday afternoon and I was just so ready to have this baby. I was now having contractions for about 24 hours and I was over it.

I labored in a room for another 4 hours and did not progress, yet my contractions were (literally) off the charts. That is the only reason they continued to keep me hour after hour because they too were expecting me to just go from a 4 to a 6 or more within an hour. But nothing. Around 7 P.M my new nurse came in, my husband had gone outside to get our phone chargers, so I was alone, and I just cried to her. I was so frustrated. With myself, with my body, just everything. She was able to give me some reassurance and tell me that my doctor was in the hospital for a C-section but was going to come talk to me before she went into the surgery.

When my doctor came in to talk to me, the first thing she asked me was “how are you?” Let me just tell you that I lost it, I cried, I could not even form words let alone a full sentence. She knew I was frustrated, and tired, and just wanted answers and to have my baby. So, she said she had some good news/ bad news.

Bad news was that my blood pressure was higher than they wanted it to be, and that my urine came back with protein in it so all signs were now pointing towards pre-eclampsia. Good news was that means they had to admit me but that also meant because I was laboring so long, they would have to start me on Pitocin to get me to dilate more. This is when I finally asked for the epidural.


I will admit I cried when I asked for it because I felt defeated, but I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I needed a break and to rest so I would have enough energy for when it came time to push. My nurses and doctor also agreed that I needed to sleep. I received the epidural around 9 pm. After that is when things got a little crazy.

I started to get the shakes and felt nauseous. The baby’s heart rate had dropped so at 2 A.M after just falling asleep the nurses were rolling me from side to side to move the baby and get her heart rate back up. They had me go on my hands and knees, it was a little scary for a few minutes with all the alarms going off. But once everything was back to normal, they checked me again. 8 cm so they decided to break my water at that point. At 4 A.M the nurse came in just to check on me again and I told her I felt pressure and I was afraid I had to poo. Her sweetheart laughed and said no that’s the baby, and sure enough I was 10 cm and ready to push!


There I was 4 A.M with just a nurse and my husband pushing with all my might. After about an hour the nurse said she would call my doctor again because I was crowning, and the baby should be here soon. This is where I felt like the attitude of my doctor had changed. She walked in, took one look at my cooch and then looked at the poor nurse and said, “she is not crowning, she has at least another hour” and walked out! At this point I was annoyed, furious, tired, and everything in between.

My epidural wore off, because they lowered the dosage when the baby’s heart rate dropped a few times, I could feel everything, I was so tired. Around 6 am My doctor came in again and stayed while I continued to push. When I tell you, I begged for help I don’t think anyone in the room knew how much pain I was in and how tired I was, I NEEDED help. The doctor originally was not going to help me until she finally used the vacuum on the baby and helped me get her out.

After two pushes, with the help of the doctor, Baby Girl was here. The relief of finally having the baby on my chest was the best feeling you can experience.

Seeing her eyes, and the dimple in her chin, I was so in love and in awe already. Experiencing that for the first time is just honestly, mind blowing. How did my body create this human? This is what was kicking me for the last nine months and was always stuck in my ribs.

We joke that she is stubborn now and was stubborn the day she was born and that is just the truth.

I love you baby girl, Thank you for making me a mommy.

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This was just my first birth experience and I wanted to share it. This does not mean that this is how your first experience will go. My second birth is completely different, and I will share that soon.

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