Mommy Nighttime Routine

I have learned that a mommy nighttime routine is just as important as a toddler nighttime routine. When the kids are finally in bed, is usually the time, we as moms get to relax. But I always struggle with what to do next. Do I sit on the couch relax, and be done for the night. Or do I clean up from the day and reset for tomorrow.

I have started a fairly simple routine that has helped these last few weeks.

Not every night goes as planned because hello, two toddlers. One needs to go to the bathroom, again, and the other one wants to be rocked a little longer. Which results in him pulling on my hair and sticking his tiny fingers in all the holes of my face.

Quick Pick Up

Pick up anything that is still left out from dinner or bath time. For some reason when I say it is bath time my oldest starts taking her clothes half way down the hallway and leaves it.

There are days when I just want to plop on the couch and forget about it all but the next morning, I end up regretting it. Once my butt hits that couch, I am not getting back up unless I am actually going to bed. I find it easier to just do it, then I reward myself with sitting on the couch.

Set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes and quickly clean up what you can. Put those dishes in the dishwasher and clean off your counters so you wake up to a clean kitchen.

Set up for tomorrow morning

Fill up the coffee pot and set it so there is fresh brewed coffee in the morning. I take out two sippy cups and those are the cups we will use for the next day. I don’t like having more than two cups laying around the house. Also, I like to take a look at my planner, to see what I have going on for the next day.

Last thing I will do is take out any meat for dinner the next day, and put it in the fridge so it can thaw overnight.

Get ready for bed

After the house is all picked up is when I will then go in the bathroom and take my make up off, wash my face, and if I’m feeling fancy put on a face mask for a few minutes. I am also a nighttime shower person so after my face mask I will hop in the shower and wash the day away.

There is something about a shower at night with fresh pj’s and then it makes it even better if you have fresh sheets on your bed!


This is when I will then sit on the couch and veg out. My husband and I have been loving a few series on Netflix, but we only watch one episode a night or we will be up till the early morning hours.

I also take this time to do all my scrolling on Facebook, catch up on Instagram, or I have recently been sucked into the TikTok world.

I have my phone settings set so that I can’t use social media past 9:30 PM. When that goes off, we typically take the hint and go to bed.

Reflect on the day

When my husband and I crawl in bed we typically lay there and discuss what all happened through out the day, he tells me what he is working on with his job and he asks me how my writing is going for my blogs. We also laugh with each other about the crazy things are two-and-a-half-year-old now says to us.

A mommy nighttime routine doesn’t have to be something extravagant. As long as you give yourself time to unwind and relax after chasing around the kids all day you will feel much better and refreshed the next morning.

6 thoughts on “Mommy Nighttime Routine”

  1. Our days sound so similar, seriously! A messy kitchen ruins my whole morning but it’s so hard to get my butt off the couch once I’m there at night (especially after running around after my two year old daughter).

    Great advice.

    1. These two year olds are a handful some days. Especially the little girls with the sass! Hope your nights go a little smoother now!

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