How to plan a Bachelorette Party

I know this is a little off with my normal “mommy” content but mommy needs a break and some time away too! Recently, I planned a badass bachelorette party (in my opinion) and I just want to share how to plan a bachelorette party!

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First things First!

Before booking anything or starting to plan consult with the bride. What is she looking for at her bachelorette party?

Does she want to go away for a weekend, would she rather stay in and do a spa and winery day…

Destination parties seem to be extremely popular right now, but your bride may not be into that, or maybe she just wants to keep the cost low and go somewhere in driving distance.


Discuss with the rest of the bridal party (and anyone else she wants there) to see what their personal budget is. More than likely if you will be traveling you will split the cost of the hotel or Airbnb, there will be travel costs (gas, plane tickets). There is also the cost of food, you may plan to go out for a few meals so everyone will have to plan for those costs, as well as the grocery bill if you plan to eat in a few meals.

 Also discuss what costs they plan to cover for the bride (lodging cost, food, drinks, or all of it, etc.)

Let’s Book!

Once the bride has decided what she wants to do for her celebration, it’s time to start! If she already has a place in mind for a destination start looking for a hotel or Airbnb.

So you know where you are going it’s time to figured out how you will be getting there. Does this trip require a flight or is just a few hours away that you can drive?

Where will you all be sleeping?  These are things you don’t want to wait to book, start looking at places that are near the places that you will be going to. Like maybe walking distance to a bar or restaurants, cut down cost on needing an uber.

Airbnb or VRBO’s are always a great option for lodging, they also tend to be the best choice when it comes to cost and splitting the cost among everyone attending. The group can stay together for a night in, and you don’t have to worry about everyone in different hotel rooms on different floors.

Don’t forget to remember that overall budget for everyone. You don’t want to book something that is at the top of everyone’s budget, you have to think about the money that will also be spent on food, drinks, decorations, all the little stuff adds up as well.

Select Dates

Now that the location is chosen, it is time to start thinking about when! Most destination bachelorette parties are long weekends, Thursday- Sunday, or Friday- Monday. You also want to plan this somewhat close the actual wedding date, like a true “last fling before the ring.” But also, no less than two weeks before the wedding.

Just make sure everyone’s schedule is clear or has enough time to change anything before booking.

Choose a Theme

While this is not necessary, I have seen some amazing bachelorette parties done with great themes. Beyonce, friends, the office, bride’s favorite designer, sleepover… and so many more.

My biggest suggestion when it comes to theme and decorations will be always ask the bride. If you are going to get decorations or matching t shirts make sure the bride is ok with everything. Some brides’ may be ok with certain decorations that are associated with bachelorette parties and some may want to keep it more classy.

Plan Ahead

In the weeks leading up to the trip plan out your itinerary. Nothing is worse than getting there and always asking the question what we want to do. Have every day planned out and if some thing changes, so be it.

My tentative itinerary for a Thursday – Sunday trip


  • Arrive
  • Decorate
  • Eat in (premade dinner that you can just warm up are the easiest!)


  • Breakfast in
  • Beach day/ Activity
  • Dinner Out
  • Night on the Town!


  • Brunch out!
  • Beach/ Shopping/ Activity
  • Board walk/ Happy Hour
  • Game Night In


  • Clean up.
  • Head home

After booking the Airbnb I looked what was right around us and chose bars and restaurants based on that. A few things changed and that is fine, we still knew what we were doing each day and it made the trip go so smooth.

Plan some Games

Who doesn’t love a good game night in! Hang out in some comfy clothes, with snacks and drinks!

The perfect game for this is “For the Girls” I bought this at target! It was a lot of fun, there are dares or group activities. Only thing is there are some cards that are a little… ehh.. like ‘text your ex’ if you are the bride… yeah let’s not do that!

Another fun game is a version of he said she said. Send a list of questions to the groom and have him answer, then ask the bride the same questions if their answers match GREAT! If not, have her drink! (or something else)

Some sample questions are:

  • Where was your first kiss?
  • What was the first meal she made you?
  • What is her favorite late-night snack?
  • What is her favorite thing about you?

Decide on matching Attire

A new trend and must have for bachelorette parties is matching attire. You can do just one outfit or a few, it is just fun for pictures and for other people to know that are you all together, and sometimes it’s just easier to say ohh.. they are a bachelorette party.

For example – for the beach days on our recent trip all the bridesmaids wore black swimsuits, and the bride wore white. Same for the dinner out, and the bars. Bridesmaids wore black dress, black shirt with jeans, and the bride wore white. We also had fun t shirts for the morning of brunch. Because we were at the beach our shirts said, “sun sand and a drink in my hand” and the Brides shirt said “sun said and a ring on my hand”

Organize Gift Bags

This one is 100% not required. As the planner of the bachelorette party, I just wanted to thank all the girls for helping me. It was just a few little things. Makeup wipes, under eye masks, cute headband for when you wash your face, it also included some cute sunglasses and their t shirts.

The bride’s bag was a little different. We all chipped in and bought her a fun gift. The Hp Sprocket is a mini photo printer. And we got her a cute little book that said kiss the miss goodbye. We were able to instantly print pictures from the weekend and put them in the book with a cute little message.

Share the Pictures

I am sure you already know this but, iPhones can easily share photos. Have the bride create a shared album and send invitations to everyone attending her party. This way no matter whose phone you use to take pictures, they can easily upload the pictures to the shared album, and everyone can access them. No need to spend hours sending them via text! We brought a ring light with a tripod, and a Bluetooth clicker so everyone can all be in the pictures with the best lighting!


Literally everything, flights, driving arrangements, hotel or Airbnb, food, make reservations at restaurants if you have a large party.


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