Father’s Day Gift Guide

What do you buy a man that has everything, or constantly says he doesn’t need anything? That is my husband. So, I decided this year I was going to look at some things that are more for fun then a need. This Father’s Day gift guide is for every dad, the dog dad, the new dad, and the “grandpa” dad!

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Coffee mug

I know how cliché is a coffee mug, but my husband JUST started drinking coffee in the last year and he uses all of my mugs. You know the ones that say good morning gorgeous! I figured it was time to get him his first official dad mug!

iPhone and Apple Watch Holder

I purchased this for my desk and my husband loved it. You pop your apple watch charger into the spot and it just rests on there and charges. The phone part just has a spot to rest your phone and it’s open on the bottom to charge your phone. There are a few that even have wireless charging for your iPhone, and a space for your airpods!

Apple Watch Band

My husband wears his apple watch every day. I personally hate the look of the band that the watch comes with. When I came across this band that looks like a regular watch, I grabbed it for him, and he loves it. He says it feels like he can dress is apple watch up and it doesn’t look like a sport watch. They even have leather band options.

Computer stand

When my husband sits at his desk, he is constantly hunched over looking at his laptop screen. This computer stand brings the screen up, so he isn’t looking down all the time.

Stud Finder

Since being home a lot recently we have started a few home projects. Our home is older and trying to find studs in the walls has been a nightmare! Let’s be honest this will be more for me so we can finally finish all these projects around the house!

Subscription box

There are subscription boxes for everything now a days and I normally only see them geared towards women and kids but there are some really cool ones for guys!

Do you have a guy that loves hot sauce!? Get him this Hot sauce of the month club subscription box!

How cool is this cigar box!?

Do you know a guy that loves to fish!?

The best part of all these boxes is that you can choose to purchase them as a gift. Meaning you can send a little note with your package to the lucky dad, and make it a surprise! There are so many other options of these awesome Father’s Day Gift boxes! There’s is one for the grill master, the jerky lover, or a sock collector! You can check them all out HERE!

8 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Guide”

  1. I love the charging stand idea 😍 my husband has a wireless phone charger but being able to do phone, watch, & AirPods all in one place looks so convenient, I didn’t even know they made those!

  2. I think I may purchase the cigar box! My husband loves to sit out on our patio, smoke a cigar and listen to some Buffet. Great ideas!

  3. I have a computer stand similar to the third one that you featured and it works great! Partner that with a wireless keyboard and mouse, and I can get myself completely comfortable at my desk while working. I think that’s a great gift – practical AND it ties in his computer, boys and their toys, right? lol

  4. I know it’s cliché as well but I just love the dad mugs. I think that this would be something so special for any dad that drinks coffee or any hot drinks. Especially if it’s their first father’s day I think it makes a great present or part of present depending on your budget. If I was a mom I would be more then happy with a mom mug for mother’s day and would think it’s the greatest thing in the world! I have to laugh I was scrolling down through the article and saw the headline “Stud Finder” before I saw the paragraph and pictures and was thinking umm… what lol, but seriously also a great idea for any dad that likes to be handy around the house! Great ideas!

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