Diaper Bag Check List

This is my diaper bag check list for two, two and under. I thought I was going to have to start carrying two diaper bags. Turns out I just carried around more than I actually needed.

I thought I would share with you what is always in my diaper bag and what I can’t leave the house without. Although a few things have changed since my baby isn’t really a baby anymore but I will include what I carried around when he was. I also have list of my baby must haves that you can check out.

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Diaper bag

I have about four diaper bags I wont lie. But the one I always use and grab for is our backpack diaper bag. It was originally a gift for my husband from his co workers for our first baby. But that is the one we tend to use on a day to day basis, simply because it is backpack style and the easiest to handle when you are juggling to small toddlers.

Changing essentials


For the baby we always have a minimum of 6 diapers on hand.

My 2 and half year old is potty trained…kinda. So I still keep one or two pulls ups with us just in case.

You can receive diapers to your door every month, never worry about running out!


Wipes are great for more than just cleaning baby butts. We also use them to clean off sticky hands and faces and running noses.

Changing pad

We all public restrooms with changing tables are nasty and some may not even have them! So, I always have a changing pad with me. Typically, your diaper bag will come with one which is even better!

Rash Cream

You may not always use it but if or when you need it, its always good to at least have a travel size with you.

Extra Clothes

I pack extra clothes for both the kids. Like I said my oldest is kind of potty trained so I like to have extra clothes for her and my one year old can still have a blow out sometimes. Even when they were both babies, extra clothes in the diaper bag was necessary because blow outs and spits happen very often in babies.



We always throw in pouches, or granola bars. And I always have a snack container full of crackers or goldfish. Anything that you can easily travel with and let them munch on so you can walk through target for 20 minutes with a little peace and no screaming.


If your baby still takes a bottle, you will need a travel container of formula, bottled water, and an empty bottle.


If you are breast feeding, I always liked to pack a cover, just in case. Breast pads, whether they were disposable or reusable, and nipple cream.

Burp Rags

We use “receiving” blankets as burp rags. I like that they are bigger and more absorbent. They can also be used for spills and again spit ups.

Sippy cups

I always fill a sippy cup with water before we leave the house. If your kids don’t need formula, it is still good to pack a bottle of water in case this sippy cup becomes empty.

Diaper bag checklist



Both my kids only took pacifiers till they were about three months old, that is when they found their thumbs. But I still took pacifiers with me just in case, if not they at least played with it.

Teethers / Rattles

Sometimes baby is fussing because they are teething, they can start teething as early as 3 months. So, having a few teethers to help them is great. And rattles just entertain them. Sometimes you may even be able to get the older child to shake the rattle for the baby and it becomes a game to see if they can get the baby to laugh!


I know some people may frown at this but sometimes pulling the iPad out was my only saving grace. If there was a family outing that meant everyone going out to eat sometimes that means you will be out around bedtime. If the iPad works to distract them and keep them occupied and you feel comfortable giving your toddler an electronic then pack it. But make sure it is charged!!!

Crayons & Coloring book

Maybe I should have started with this one. We always have crayons and a coloring book with us as well as the iPad. But this may not last as long as a distraction, they may break the crayons or even start chewing on them depending the age.

Mommy’s Things

That’s right mom you still have to pack stuff for you. The days of carrying around that designer handbag is currently on hold.

I like to keep a small zipper pouch full of my things, that way they don’t get lost in all the craziness.

Hand Sanitizer

Just a small travel size, you never know if you have to catch puke or accidently get poop on your finger. It has happened and after I used a handy dandy wipe I was digging for that sanitizer.


Chapstick, lip gloss, lipstick. You are still YOU. Pack a little makeup If you want.

Water Bottle

You are packing one for the babies might as well throw in an extra one for you! I have a straw tumbler that I don’t leave the house without, so I always have that filled but again if my sippy cup is empty an extra water bottle is nice!


I hope I’m not the only one that says this to themselves as they are walking out the door. There have been many times I have walked out of the house without one of them. It always seems to be my wallet, then I get somewhere and…CRAP my wallet is sitting on the kitchen counter. MOM BRAIN! Hope this diaper bag check list has helped you out in knowing the basic things you will need before you walk out the door.

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