De-Cluttering Toys

There is nothing worse than finding random pieces of toys in weird places of the house or couch and having no idea what toy it actually goes to. I have been trying to live with more intention recently. I want to bring things into my home that have intention and remove the things that don’t. So that means it is officially de-cluttering toys time!

As my kids get older and start playing with different toys, I am realizing de-cluttering toys is something that needs to be done. We still have infant toys from when Rebecca was a baby, and with Jackson being 15 months old he no longer plays with them either.

But why is it so hard for me to de-clutter toys? Why do I feel like I can’t part with these toys? Maybe it is because we are done having kids, or maybe I feel guilty because family bought these toys. Either way they are cluttering up the house and I need to part with them in some way.

With birthdays coming up and the holidays now is the perfect time to start decluttering. Out with the old and in with the new.

There are a few questions I have learned to ask myself when I decide it’s time to go through the toys.

Are the toys played with?

Do either of the kids grab these toys every day, or every other day and actually play with them. In our house it is the little people figures, as well as the castle and farm that go with them. The toy story figures and a few stuffed animals that they play with. If they play with certain toys every day, then they love those toys and they can stay.

What condition is it in?

I have decided that if the toy is in good condition and can be saved for nieces or nephews, I will keep them in a tote in the basement until that time. If not, they will be tossed. This also goes along with missing parts, if there are toys that you just can’t find some of the pieces more than likely those pieces have been gone for a while. Those toys can go.

How can the toy be played with?

If it is a toy that has a specific way of being played with, more than likely your kids will quickly outgrow it. However, if it is a toy that promotes open ended play, I would keep it around for a while. I like to put these toys away for a little if they don’t grab for them every day, then I like to pull them out after a week or two and they act like they just got a new toy.

The last thing I learned to do was put all the toys I am getting rid of or donating in a box in the garage. In the next week, if the kids ask where a toy went and it is in one of those bags, I will bring it back inside, anything else is officially leaving.

After going through the toys, I then like to organize in categories. That will have to be a whole other post on its own! Let’s just focus on de-cluttering toys for now and we will thoroughly organize another day.

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