Common Misconceptions of Being a Stay at Home Mom

After having my oldest I fully planned to go back to work part time to limit the days of daycare. But after crunching some numbers we realized my paychecks would solely pay for daycare. That’s when we decided together that me staying home would be best for our family.

When meeting new people and them asking me what I do, I always tend to say that I am a licensed esthetician or I have a blog before I tell them that I am a stay at home mom. All because of the common misconceptions of being a stay home mom, women tend to get when telling someone they stay home.

Now let me just preface this with the fact that working moms are rock stars. This is no way intended to belittle the working mom community. Working moms have a special place in my heart because I don’t know how you manage EVERYTHING while working outside of the home.

The best way I could think of gathering all the common misconceptions of being a stay home mom was to ask a few of my stay at home mom friends.

Here are some of the common misconceptions that they have heard.

“I think the biggest misconception is that I sit around all day and watch TV. People don’t realize just how little I actually sit down. I’m constantly drowning in housework, cooking and taking care of tiny humans, and then throw in my business and juggling that. Sometimes it’s halfway through day before I’ve actually gotten myself dressed! It’s physically and mentally draining at times. Most times. But worth it at the end of the day! Being with them is worth it.”

Lauren |

“I think a common misconception about SAHM is that we work less hours than a 9-5 job. My daily routine is typically from 7am to 9-sometimes 10pm with the kids (ages 2 and 6m). The only break I really get during the day is if (chuckles) they both nap at the same time for maybe an hour. People just don’t seem to realize how much WORK taking care of kids all day can be.”

Chelsea |

“That a stay at home mom doesn’t have a “purpose” or focus because they don’t have a traditional job. I’ve had many people ask if being a sahm is “enough” for me and I think that they misunderstand that there are many ways that purpose manifests and having a 9-5 job with a title is not the only way to have one!”

Samantha |

“That stay at home moms have “all the time in the world”. So far from the truth when you’re busy taking care of your little ones, trying to take care of yourself, keep the house in order and somehow still show up as a good wife/spouse to your partner! Being a mom in general is time sucking, it’s the best, but it takes a lot of time!”

Karissa |

“Well you’re not really working “it must be so nice to just stay home all day doing nothing”

Linda |

“I think it’s a big misconception that families with stay at home moms must be financially well-off. We’ve made some pretty significant sacrifices to make it happen. We keep a tight budget now that I’m no longer bringing in income.”

Rachel |

“A few:

-stay at home moms are just flat-lined. (Said in relation to having a job you can climb the ladder in.)

-they are uneducated

-only women should do it while the men make money.”

Brooke |

” “Do you cook dinner every night?” No. “Do you just play with your kid all day?” Nope. “So like what do you do?” Well sometimes I do the dishes and other times I lay on the floor and eat cookies with my son while we watch Paw Patrol. Sometimes I get things done and sometimes I don’t. I don’t like a boring mundane life just because I’m a stay at home mom!”

Camille |

“That being a stay at home mom isn’t an actual job. Even though we are the cook, the housekeeper, the chauffeur, the nurse, and so many more things. Our job never ends. Raising our children is our most important job and even if we do not work outside the home we still work.”

Rosalie |

“I think the biggest for me is the assumption that being a sahm is so easy and you always have a lot of time in your hands and have nothing to do. Also, that what we do is not important work.”

Debbie |

Like I said, these are just SOME of the misconceptions that other stay at home moms have heard. Hearing these is tough. People think we sit at home all day and don’t do anything but it is actually the complete opposite. I don’t sit down and it kills me when I have someone stop by and there are toys all over the place because that is what makes it look like I don’t do anything during the day. However, I can tell you that I have probably spent most of my day picking up those toys to have the two tiny tornadoes behind me just wreck it again!

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