Boat Day Essentials

We love going to the lake and hanging out on the boat on the weekends. My in-laws have a house up at the lake and my husband is a member of a small camping/ boat club. So, if we aren’t at the house, we have our camper up here. Now that it is already mid way through summer, I have officially perfected my boat day essentials. Also check out my post about packing and traveling with kids!

With two little ones I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed before going out, but then I ended up just over packing and having to dig through a huge bag full of non-sense. There is something about sitting on the boat and relaxing then your child starts screaming because they need something and you don’t have it, I have been there it is not fun.

These are my boat day essentials!


Sunscreen is obviously a given because you will be outside all day but don’t forget your own sunscreen! I made sure I had the kid’s sunscreen packed and then forgot mine.


Who wants to squint all day? Seriously, I have also forgotten my sunglasses sometimes and then spent the whole day squinting, and ending the day with a headache is never fun.


Funny story, we were going for a ride on the boat and suddenly, my sons little bucket hat just flew off and we lost it in the water. I like to keep a hat on my son because he doesn’t have much hair. There are sometimes when I wear a hat too, for protection of the sun or just to keep my hair under control.

Water/ Drinks

Water for the kids, adult drinks for the parents. Boating is more fun when everyone is having fun right!? Becca and Jackson have been all about their ice water recently so they have their special water bottles with ice water to keep them cool and hydrated while on the boat in the sun.

Change of clothes

After being on the boat and in wet bathing suits we get in the car to drive across the street to the house. I like to put dry clothes on the kids because then when we get back to the house I can just lay them down for a nap, hopefully!

Potty seat

With being on the boat for so long, we have a travel potty with a lid so Becca has some where to go potty when she needs to. Honestly, I didn’t even think about this the first time we went out on the boat and when she asked me to go potty I didn’t have an answer for her! But now we are prepared with a travel potty.


Maybe it is just my son (and husband for that matter) but he is only happy when he is eating, Jackson that is. So we make sure to pack plenty of snacks. For both us adults and the kids. Typically boat snacks consist of veggies and dip, fixings for sandwiches, and some kind of chips or crackers. Easy clean up and yummy pick food.

Swim and regular diapers

Have you ever put a swim diaper on a one year old and not put them in the water? Yeah… those swim diapers don’t hold anything. They will catch the poop, obviously, but when it comes to pee it doesn’t hold anything. So unless Jackson is going in the water he is wearing a regular diaper, and when he goes in the water we put a swim diaper on him.

Extra swimsuit

Have you been following along on our potty training saga over on Instagram? If you have then you know that Becca has been having a small problem about not telling me she has to poop BEFORE she goes. So an extra swim suit just in case is always good to have on hand.

4 thoughts on “Boat Day Essentials”

  1. A boat day sounds fun! When I was little, my grandfather would take us out on his boat, and it was so much fun! Except for a cruise, I haven’t been boating since then. I hope I will get to go again after reading this. I’m sure your children love it! 🙂

    1. We love that we are able to make memories like this with them. My grandparents had a house on a smaller lake and we had a row boat/ fishing boat we would go out in. So much fun but still so much different!

  2. What a great idea for the potty seat, I never would have considered that. As a family we haven’t yet managed a boat trip, but hope to remedy that soon.

    1. The poor kid had the look of fear in her eyes when I told her I didn’t have a potty seat for her! Hope you and your family get out on an adventure soon!

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