Back to “home” School

With back to school time quickly approaching and Pre-school not opening I decided we are still going to be doing some learning and home schooling. Even though Rebecca is only three I find it important to still incorporate some school routine and learning as if she were still going to school like normal. So it is back to “home” school for us!


Getting into a routine whether you are learning from home or going to school is so important. First thing is always a healthy breakfast! We like to keep our breakfasts simple. Yogurt, cereal, even granola bars. Simple and on the go. What if you could find one product on the market that could be used for all those!? I couldn’t believe it either but then Seven Sundays came into my life! They were generous enough to send us some of their Muesli! You can eat this dry right out the bag, with milk like a cereal, with milk and heat it like oatmeal, on top of yogurt or make it into your very own granola bars! It is so delicious in all of its ways! Even Becca asked for more!

School Routine

After our delicious and nutritious breakfast, we will go and play for a little. After an hour or two when Becca starts to show that she is getting bored we will pull out an activity book and go over counting and recognizing our numbers and letters. Some days I will even try to put together a craft or a sensory bin that we can all do together. (Check out the other toddler activities we do) Other days I will let her use my phone and both her and Jackson will play on the KidloLand app. In my book that’s a mom win! I can take back control of the TV and fold laundry in peace!

KidloLand App

We have been able to use and checkout the app KidloLand for a few weeks now and Rebecca absolutely loves it. She always wants to play the “star game”. Just in the few weeks we have been using it, I have noticed her hunger for learning. She loves pointing out all the different shapes, colors, and animals she sees in everyday life. She has also learned so many new nursery rhymes that she sings to Jackson. This app is more than just screen time, it’s educational and interactive. She is learning to recognize and soon write letters and numbers by being able the trace them on the screen.

There is a section called “life skills” and it sings songs about potty time, emotions, family, five senses and many more. If you have been following us along on our potty training journey then you know how excited I was about the potty song!

This has also helped improve on her speaking, just in the last few weeks I have received compliments on how well she speaks for not even being three yet. This makes me happy to know that her screen time is not just her watching a show but learning and growing.

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