Amazon Toddler Must Haves

Who else scrolls through Amazon to add random stuff to their cart and then when it comes in the mail you think “how did I ever live without this!?” Oh just me? Well these are some of the things that we have ordered and are now my Amazon toddler must haves!


These Squeasy’s have been a life saver recently. I fill these up with apple sauce, smoothies, yogurt, anything you can think of and they won’t leak!

We are still loving this sandwich cutter and sealer! I use it almost everyday and sometimes twice a day!

These utensils helped Rebecca learn how to use a regular fork and spoon, and now Jackson has been loving them as well!

These bentgo boxes have been super fun for when we have picnics outside or even to use on the boat at the lake. I can pack the kids a variety of food and it’s all in one container.

These are toppers for the regular food pouches you can buy at the store. They are also leak proof!

My kids are obsessed with straw cups and guess what… these don’t leak!

Toys/ Activites

My kids love this little toy and it’s great for in the car. Learn colors, shapes, and count!

This is also a kid favorite and great for the car!

Rebecca is all about playing games right now and she is in love with anything toy story! This has helped her recognize matching characters and counting. So many things you can do with a simple matching game!

Another great find that we have been loving. Teaches counting, colors, shapes, and hand eye coordination with stacking for Jackson.

Jackson wants to do whatever his big sister is doing these days, but he tends to eat the crayons when we color. I grabbed one of these a few weeks ago and he loves it, and its just water so no mess!

This is another toy that has been helping with color sorting, counting, and matching. We like to make patterns with the different color pegs and of course stack them as high as we can.

Other Random Gadgets

These are advertised for toothpaste, but I have been using them for sunscreen and diaper rash cream!

I hate the feeling of sunscreen on my hands so I normally buy the spray. But little man always has a reaction to the spray. So this little gadget has a roller ball and sponge on the bottom the dispenses the lotion and rubs it in for you!

Basic potty seat..yes. But I keep one of these in trunk of my car for when we are out. I also keep one on the boat while we are out on the lake.

This fold able chair with a tray is perfect for the summer if you are outside a lot. we use this everywhere, the boat, families house. We even use it as just a chair without the tray for him to just hang out in.

I have tried every stain remover possible and nothing works better than this guy! I use it on all the clothes, including my own!

The stain remover even comes in little wipes for on the go and you can just toss them in your diaper bag!

Have you checked out my baby must haves, or my diaper bag checklist? Check those out next and let me know how you liked this amazon toddler must haves, I may do more of these!

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