5 Things to Do in the Morning to Have a Productive Day

5 Things to Do In The Morning To Have A Productive Day

There are days that my alarm goes off and I either turn it off or hit the snooze button every 9 minutes for about 30 minutes. My kids will sleep for about another 45 minutes, I can stay in bed a little longer. And then I hear them on their monitors as I am still lying in bed and I think “why didn’t I just wake up when my alarm went off the first time.” Here are 5 things to do in the morning to have a productive day, that I have been finding very helpful.

As much as it sucks sometimes getting up earlier than you like, I have learned that the days I do get up and get going before my kids, are always my better and more productive days. I don’t do a lot before the kids wake up just a few things to get me moving before they start yelling and needing my full attention.

Get Dressed

It doesn’t have to be in jeans and a super cute outfit, but as soon as you wake up and before you leave your bedroom put on a fresh pair of leggings and a t shirt. Heck if you are feeling like you want to get cute put on pair of jeans, no one is stopping you! I always suggest getting dressed because that simplest task makes you feel ready for the day. If you needed to leave the house for some reason you are already dressed and ready, and it will take little time for you to get the kids ready and get out the door.

Wash Your Face/ Apply Some Makeup

If today isn’t a makeup day or if you aren’t someone who wears makeup all the time, at least splash your face with some cool water and apply some moisturizer. The cool water will wake you up a little more, and its just a good thing to get in the habit of washing your face and moisturizing every day. If you are a makeup person, throw on a little powder or concealer, blush or bronzer, and some mascara. You will feel better about yourself and like you are ready to conquer the day.

Load or Unload Your Dishwasher, and Wipe Down Your Counters

We always try to run our dishwasher at night after dinner, but sometimes there are larger pots and pans that we left to “soak” in the sink. If there are pots and pans or even dishes from your spouse making breakfast before work, clean those up. Unload the dishwasher and start the day fresh. I always find my day to be productive when I know the dishwasher is empty and can be loaded after every meal. Also, give your counters a good wipe down before you start your day. Whether there is something sticky left from making dinner last night or there is crumbs by the toaster, again a clean kitchen always makes everyone feel better.

Start a Load of Laundry

Starting a load of laundry quick at least helps get your day started. There are many days I have thrown a load in and never got around to putting in the dryer till after dinner. But at least that is one load done for the day and I can do one more tomorrow. Even getting just one load done a day helps from letting the laundry pile up and then making you feel overwhelmed like you must do it all in one day.

Do Something for Yourself

Use this time in the morning to do something for you, while you don’t have the kids. It could be something as simple as enjoying a cup of hot coffee. We have all microwaved our coffee multiple times just to forget it in the microwave- to then re heat it again, forget, and repeat.

Some other examples could be:

  • Take a shower
  • Catch up on a show
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee
  • Watch the news
  • Read a chapter in your book
  • Journal
  • Pray
  • Sit down and plan out your day

Just make sure it is something that will make you happy. If you can’t get to all of these things done, then let this be the only thing you do in the morning before the kids wake up.

If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy

We have to remember to take care of ourselves, because if we are taken care of, we then have the ability to take care of others.

What are some other things to do in the morning to have a productive day? Let me know what you do in the comments.

5 things to do in the morning to have a productive day

4 thoughts on “5 Things to Do in the Morning to Have a Productive Day”

  1. You’re right, simply getting dressed can completely change your mindset for the day ahead. I’ve been working from home for 3+ years, long before all of this lockdown stuff happened, and that’s one of the biggest tips that I share with those that are trying to adjust to it now. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to work in your pjs everyday, you won’t be nearly as productive.

    1. Yes! As a stay at home mom staying in my pjs all day seems ideal (less laundry) but putting on a fresh shirt and leggings makes me feel put together and ready for the day! It is such simple advice but it is the best advice!

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