2021 Goals

                GOODBYE 2020!! Hello 2021 and NEW GOALS!

I love the feeling of a new year, new beginnings, new goals. After having many late-night discussions with my husband, we decided that 2021 is going to be the year for US! We are going to focus on our goals, health, and marriage. I have also learned that if you put your goals out in the world and speak them that you are more willing to achieve them.

So, these are my 2021 goals!

Health Goals

Quarantine was a blessing and a curse. I was able to spend some amazing one on one time with my husband and my kids, but we also ate a lot of food!

Everyone says this at the beginning of the year, but this is my year. My husband and I had a long talk about kids, and now that we are 99.5% sure we are done having kids, we decided this is the year that we are going to take for ourselves and focus on our health.

Just in the last week we have started eating better and I really do feel better. There are a few things that have been hard for me to give up. Like my amazing coffee every morning but it is a slow start and a slow transition to healthier living. My goal is to lose weight, yes but I want to enjoy working out, not dread it. I want to be able to enjoy food, have a better relationship with food. Learn about nutrition and how to really feed my body.

We all have to start somewhere! If you have been thinking about make a change in your routine or life, I am here to encourage you and to be here for you and with you through this journey! Let’s do it together!

Marriage Goals

2021 goals, family, marriage goals

We have been married for 4 wonderful years, and within those years we had two beautiful kids. Raising children in the first few fragile years of your marriage is tough. On you, your partner, your relationship, everything.

There are a few things that we just kind of avoided talking to each other about and it always caused fights. The main one being money. Money is such a hard topic for everyone. I will be the first to admit I am a shopper. But this year we don’t want to fight about money. We sat down and made a budget that we are going to try our (my) hardest to follow. Hopefully, this will eliminate any dispute about money.

We are also trying to make this year about US. Obviously, we both have our own individual health goals, but we also want to take more time for us as a couple and our relationship. It would be great if we can go out this year and have dates outside of our home. But we have learned that just simply putting our phones away and enjoying dinner and a movie together has been just as nice.

Work Goals

                Although this is a broad topic, I do have a few different mini goals.

Some of you may know that I just recently started a candle company with my friend. We never expected this hobby to take off the way it did, so we made it official!! The goal with this is to be able to profit off the candles and secure financial freedom from our husbands. That sounds a little rude because our husbands work their butts off so we can stay home with our kids. But being able to have money that we ourselves worked hard for is just a whole other feeling of accomplishment!

With the start of the candle company that meant I had put my blog on the back burner. I want to bring it back. I enjoy writing but I forced myself to put stuff out there because I needed to meet the google requirements. This time I want to do it for myself. This is my little corner of the internet and I am going to write for me.

I would love to branch off and share more than just “mommy” stuff. Yes, this started as a mommy blog and it will continue to have mommy topics. I am starting to learn and teach myself that I am more than a mommy. I am still a person, I am Lauren, and I need to find myself again outside of being a mommy.

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