10 Things to do to keep a clean house

What are some things you do to keep a clean house when you have kids? My kids have toys in almost every room. The living room, their bedrooms, the bathroom, heck there are some even in my kitchen.

That doesn’t even count all the other daily messes that are around the house.

I used to leave all of the cleaning up for one day. Just take one day and clean everything and then not have to worry about it for a few days until it was “cleaning day” again.

Looking back that was the most stressful day of my week. I have since realized “picking up as you go” is probably the best advice to truly take from someone.

My house will always look LIVED in, I have two toddlers it will never be magazine worthy but at least I know that it is CLEAN.

These are 10 super simple tips that I do everyday to keep my house clean and tidy.

1. Open Up the Blinds

This isn’t necessarily a cleaning tip, but I always feel more motivated when the sun is shining in. If the weather is nice open the windows and let the fresh air come in. My family always says “air out the house” meaning bring some fresh air in, it will make the whole house smell fresh.

2. Pick up Dirty Clothes

I am one to take my clothes off from the day, throw on some pjs and crawl right into bed and leave the clothes on the floor. I also have a one year old that likes to pull dirty laundry out of the hampers and drag it around the house. Picking up the dirty clothes and putting them all in a laundry basket makes it easier to start a load of laundry.

3. Put Away Laundry

Speaking of laundry how often do you take the time to sit down and fold it, just to then have it sit in the basket for a week or so. I like to dump the adult clean laundry on our bed. Then I am forced to fold it and put it away right away so I can go to sleep that night.

However, the dumping may occur first thing in the morning and I may not get to putting it away until I am actually ready to go to bed.

For the kid’s laundry I don’t take the time to sit down and fold it at all. I take it right into their rooms and put it away. Because honestly, I don’t fold some of their clothes. It just goes right into their drawers or I hang some stuff up.

4. Quick Vacuum

With having two black dogs that shed and two toddlers that love to snack I have to clean my floors everyday sometimes twice a day. I love my Dyson cordless. It is literally so easy to just pull out, vacuum up any messes and be done. I also love it on the day to day basis of vacuuming the main living areas. Keeping crumbs off the floor is hard but a quick vacuum mid-day will keep the dog hair and toddler crumbs to a minimum.

5. Pick up toys

I specifically say toys because we keep most of the kids toys in their rooms. The mornings are usually toy mayhem and it looks like Toys R Us threw up all over my house. So, while they are playing if I notice a toy they left in the dinning room or hallway I will just throw it into the respective room it belongs.

Seriously just toss it in the room and be done with it.

I look at it as, these kids are going to play with their toys all day there is no need to re-stack the ring tower and set it up nicely multiple times a day. Just toss the toy in the room.

Before bed we have them “clean up their rooms”. I put that in quotes because they are 1 and 2. But as they get older, they will know that a part of our bedtime routine is cleaning our rooms, then the next day we know where everything is.

6. Wipe Down Counters

Did I mention how much I hate crumbs? It is not possible to cook lunch when there are crumbs all over the counter from toast at breakfast.

And no one likes to sit down at the table for dinner and have crumbs or a sticky mess from lunch.

I am constantly wiping down the counters, kitchen table, and the kids play table.

7. Wipe Down the bathroom

While you are brushing your teeth just wipe down your vanity. Clean up all the sticky toothpaste and contact solution that is dried on the vanity top. After you wipe down the vanity, then wipe down the toilet. After you are done brushing your teeth of course!

If you clean the toilet every day, then you never have to worry about having a stinky toilet.

8. Empty kitchen Sink

Before bed or right after dinner I try to do as many dishes as I can. I don’t like going to bed with a sink full of dishes. Then no matter what, you have to deal with it first thing in the morning. Having a fresh clean, empty sink before bed and every morning is so much easier for everyone.

If you did the dishes after dinner, and have them sitting on the counter drying, put those away so you have clear counters in the morning.

9. Quick pick up before Bed

Before going to bed do another quick pick up.

Shoes and jackets in the closet, and any sippy cups or snack cups can get cleaned up.

I also like to fold any blankets and reset the couch pillows before we go to bed. That way in the morning the living room feels fresh.

10. Plan for Tomorrow

Have a plan of what needs to get done for the next day. A smooth day is because of an organized day. If you haven’t yet, head over to my post about how to organize your day.

Let me know if these are some of the things you do to keep a clean house in the comments!

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  1. Love your list! I think #8 is my favorite. I really con’t go to sleep with a sink full of dishes. But it helps me feel like I’m starting each day with a clean slate. I’ll have to work on the others too. Thanks

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